by Anton Parks


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"[...] Eden, is the result of Anton Parks' decoding and translating Sumerian cuneiform texts from clay tablets, dated to C. 2800 BC. [...] These texts, he concludes, are the source material for the first chapters of the book of Genesis and would have been accessed by Jewish scribes during the captivity in Babylon C. 597 to 539 BC. Parks compares the cuneiform text translations with the biblical text and shows that serious misinterpretations were made in Genesis. [...] His rigorous analysis puts established beliefs into question".

Nexus UK, vol. 21, n°4, June-July 2014

   In 1872, the first translation of the Babylonian version of the Flood found in Nineveh appeared in print. Ever since then Assyriologists have been waiting to find and translate the original texts on the Garden of Eden and the Original Sin. Although it was believed that these documents had to exist on clay tablets, they proved impossible to find—until today.

   Between 1885 and 1900, archaeologists from the University of Pennsylvania excavated extensively at the site of Nippur (Niffer), in the heartland of ancient Mesopotamia. A great many Sumerian texts were found, including a dozen tablets containing the sources of the Book of Genesis and the origins of humanity. Yet no one seems to have taken much notice! Having taken over the unsatisfying translations of his predecessors, Anton Parks worked intensively during thousands of hours on this material to finally restore the original quintessence of these invaluable documents, in order to expose it to us in this fascinating book.

   In EDEN, you will see that the first chapters of the Book of Genesis present only a greatly edited version of what was inscribed on these ancient tablets. The Garden of Eden, the Serpent, and the Fall of Man are presented here in a completely new light, proving that these episodes were altered to the point of incomprehensibility in the course of later rewriting.

   Our civilization today is about to penetrate the Secret that has been kept out of the hands of the "profane" at the cost of great sacrifice. Among the treasures to be found in this world, there is only one that holds all of the great mysteries: the true story of Creation and of the origins of God and Evil. In our age of revelations, it seems of the essence to reconsider the facts that led to the founding of the three great religions of the Book: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. The truths revealed in EDEN are not only earth-shattering, they take us to the very roots of Western civilization!



"Between 1889 and 1900, archaeologists from the American University of Pennsylvania undertook extensive excavations on the site of Nippur, in the heart of ancient Mesopotamia. An extensive collection of Sumerian texts was thus brought to light, which included about ten tablets of major importance for the understanding of the biblical genesis and our origins... Anton Parks has been working for four years of intensive work, to finally restore the original essence of these priceless documents, and to expose it to us in this book. You will discover in the course of your reading that the beginning of the Genesis in the Bible is only a truncated version of what these newly retranslated tablets reveal."
Nexus France, January, 2012

"Anton Parks, writer and specialist in Eastern cultures, has devoted himself to the study of written documents considered the oldest of humanity. By translating several tablets decorated with cuneiform signs missed by most specialists (Kharsa? tablets), dug up more than a century ago on the site of Nippur, (Iraq), Parks was able not only to retrace the story of our origins, but also to demonstrate that the Book of Genesis was only an unfortunate and distorted copy of such an event ... essential reading."
Magazine Science et Inexpliqué No. 34, July-August 2013

"The work submitted by Anton Parks in Eden is rigorous, titanic, sharp, searchable and verifiable ... and its corollary is amazing! With its translations, everything makes sense and the text of Genesis becomes coherent: the creation of Adam by Yahweh to his expulsion from the garden through the Tree of Knowledge of the Good and the Evil, tree of Immortality or the Serpent advising Eve to eat the forbidden fruit... the "light" is finally cast on the darkness of this original text."
Lembal - onnouscachetout.com, November, 2012